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A wide selection of Italian favorites

100% Made in Italy







Authentic tasty recipes ready in few minutes.

Regional specialties cooked accordingly to original recipes and frozen to preserve flavours. All the ingredients are strictly sourced in our country, allowing for Made in Italy dishes to be tasted everywhere in the world.

Original pasta made with pure Italian wheat.

Original Made in Italy pasta, delivering perfect “al dente” cooking. 













The perfect sides for your main dishes.

A selection of traditional canned vegetables, following ancient recipes. Manufactured strictly according to HACCP standards.

Pure Mediterranean Seasoning.

Extra virgin olive oil is the key nutritional element of a healthy Mediterranean diet. We source our olives exclusively from Italy and we process them in an oil mill dating back to 1810. We are proud to say that our oil is the original Italian one.













Rich in vitamins and fibers.

A comprehensive range of fruits and vegetables to provide everyone with quality plant-based nutrients throughout the year.

Healthy energy to start the day.

Our breakfast cereals are harvested and processed in Northern Italy, allowing for a perfect morning meal for children, adults and athletes.





Original Italian hot chocolate for the cold winter days.

This Italian beverage dates back to the 1600’s, at the court of Duke of Savoy in Torino; in Northern Italy. Its exquisite taste has survived until today, being still served in Italian cafes, at anytime during cold days and nights.

Fine chocolate spheres with special fillings.

Italian chocolate masters created special pralines made to thrill the senses. Our chocolate delicacies are a perfect gift for the friends or the family

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